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By IndiaLends Advisory

Jan 19, 2018

Best Cashback Credit Cards of 2018

One of the unrated ways of maximizing your savings is through cashback, and a good credit card can help you go a long way there. With the best cashback credit cards, you can not only earn back a percentage of the money you spent, but also enjoy other additional benefits.

Not convinced already? Think about this:

Every time you spend ₹100, what if you could earn back ₹5. Doesn’t sound like a lot, we know. But when you look at it in terms of your actual spending, you can rake in a lot of savings. This, coupled with other exciting offers the cards bring, you can make a big bag of savings. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the best cashback credit card already!

Here’s a list of top cashback credit cards that we have prepared for you to choose from:

Citi CashBack Credit Card

This is one of the best cashback credit cards for someone who makes their payments online on regular basis. The card allows you to maximize your savings through cash back on all your spends.

Top Benefit: 5% cashback on utility bill payments, telephone bill payments, and movie ticket bookings.

Other Highlights:

Anything Else?

The cashback is automatically credit to your card statement and you do not have to worry about manually crediting in, like you have to do with most other cards.

Joining Fee- ZERO

Annual Fee- ₹500

ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card

Even though this is not directly a cashback card, this is one of the best credit cards to earn rewards on. The card is powered by PAYBACK, which is India’s largest loyalty programme, and hence, you get to earn payback points on your various purchases and redeem them for exciting gifts, including cashback.

Top Benefits: Minimum 15% savings on dining at over 800 partner restaurants.

Other Highlights:

Anything Else?

The card comes with zero joining or annual fee, and hence is a lifetime free credit card.

Joining Fee- ZERO

Annual Fee- ZERO

American Express Gold Credit Card

This again is a card that is not directly a cashback card, but with this card, you can stack enough points to get a cashback upto ₹10,000 per year, easily.

Top Benefit: With American Express, you enjoy one of the highest point = INR conversion rates. So all the points you collect will have a lot more monetary value than the points collected on other cards would.

Other Highlights:

Anything Else?

Enjoy a greater flexibility on spending through no pre-set limit. This means that your card does not come with a pre-set credit limit. Your credit limit is decided based on your spending, and you can easily increase or decrease it according to your needs.  

Joining Fee- ₹1,000

Annual Fee- ₹4,500 second year onwards

SBI SimplySave Credit Card

This is one of the best credit cards for beginners. It’s a card that allows you to earn maximum reward points and redeem them for exciting gifts or cash back. And gives the cards very low fee and charges, it’s easily affordable even for youngsters and first-time users.

Top Benefit:  Up to 10X reward points on select spends, including Dining, Movies, Departmental Stores and Grocery Spends.

Other Highlights:

Anything Else?

With spends of ₹90,000 per year, you can get the annual fee reversed. Hence, with regular usage, you can easily make your card lifetime free and save on any annual fee.

Joining Fee- ₹499

Annual Fee- ₹499


Pro Tip:

Wondering how long you’ll have to wait for your card? Well, if you have a high credit score, you can get instant approval on your credit card application. So, check your free credit score online today, and find out if you’re eligible for instant approval. You never know, you could have your card already ready and waiting for you.


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