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By IndiaLends Advisory

Jun 20, 2018

Best Credit cards of 2018 by IndiaLends

There are innumerable credit cards in the market today. It seems insurmountable to choose the best credit card out of them. When you need to choose a credit card for yourself, you want the best. Now, before you get a card for yourself, you need to understand your requirements and most importantly, your spending habits. Analyse where you spend the most money and target exactly that area. We have curated this categorical list to help you choose the best credit card based on your needs. The best credit cards of 2018 are-

The Best Cashback Credit Cards

We can not escape shopping and spending money on basic items in life. In our day to day life, from fuel to grocery, we make a lot of purchases. While we can not regulate the prices much, we can avail cashback to give some rest to our expenses. We have picked the top cash back cards to help you-

ICICI Platinum Chip Credit Card

Citi CashBack Credit Card
American Express Gold Credit Card
Kotak Delight Platinum Credit Card

The Best Credit Cards to Use for Travel

If you are the person who is constantly on the go, due to work or self-pleasure, having a travel card might be a boon to you. From cashback on travel and hotel bookings to complimentary lounge access, the benefits of having a travel credit card are manifold. Here are our top picks for the best Travel card of 2018-

ICICI Jet Sapphiro Card

American Express Platinum Travel Card

Citi PremierMiles Card

SBI IRCTC Platinum Card


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Amazing Cards to Help You with Online Spending

The world has moved quite swiftly in terms of technology. Today our life has gotten online almost entirely. We shop online for most of our needs. Hence, we have created this list of the best credit cards of 2018 in terms of online spending-

SBI SimplyClick Credit Card

Axis Buzz Credit Card

HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card

The Best Credit Cards to Get You Rewards

If there is something that is more beneficial than a discount, it is definitely rewarding. You can collect these reward points and redeem them for a huge purchase or shop for free when you have enough points. You can also follow this 3 step guide to choose a credit card for yourself, Meanwhile, the best credit cards of 2018 to allow you to enjoy the benefits of rewards have been listed down here-

American Express Membership Rewards Card

SBI Card Prime

Citi Bank Rewards Credit Card

Yes Prosperity Rewards Plus Credit Card

There you go, this was our list of the best credit cards of 2018. Hope this helps you in choosing the best card for yourself. Read our personal finance blog to know more about personal loans, credit cards and everything you need to know about personal finance.

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