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Nov 15, 2018

Credit Card Review Of The Month: SBI Yatra Credit Card

Why is it that you go places? Is it your love for adventure packed excursions or a work-style that keeps you moving? Whatever might be your reason for traveling, we are sure you are no stranger to the expenses that it brings along. And since we know that money saved is equivalent to money earned, we are constantly on the lookout to save more and more on travel expenses. A foolproof method to save money on travel is to get a travel credit card. These cards ensure that each time you make a travel booking, for example, a flight booking or a hotel booking, you save on bucks and earn rewards to be redeemed later. One such travel credit card is the SBI Yatra Credit Card. So here is a snapshot of the card-



Best Suited For: Travel   

Annual Fee: ₹499   

Joining Fee: ₹499   


Apply For The SBI Yatra Credit Card


There are several features of the SBI Yatra Credit Card with are loaded with savings on travel. To give you a clearer picture, let’s discuss each of the benefits offered by the SBI Yatra credit card in detail:

Vouchers worth ₹8,250-

As soon as you pay the joining fee, you are entitled to vouchers worth ₹8,250 which are divided into the following segments:

⇒ 2 vouchers worth ₹500 for Domestic Travel

⇒ 1 voucher worth ₹1,500 for Domestic Holidays

⇒ 2 vouchers worth ₹1,000 for International Travel

⇒ 1 voucher worth ₹750 for Hotel Bookings

⇒ 1 voucher worth ₹3,000 for International Holidays

Promo code TRAVEL-

You also get to use a Promo code, named TRAVEL which in turn has several benefits on its own which go down as below:

⇒ ₹1,000 Off on Domestic Flight booking. The minimum booking amount to avail this offer is ₹5,000

⇒ ₹4,000 Off on International Flight booking. The minimum booking amount to avail this offer is ₹40,000

⇒ Flat 20% Off on Domestic Hotel bookings. The discount is capped at ₹2,000 and the minimum booking amount to avail this offer is ₹3,000


⇒ A customer can use the promo code 6 times during a single calendar year.

⇒ The offer can be used on any of the 3 products in any combination i.e. 2 times on domestic flights, 2 times on international flights and so on.

Reward points:

Even though the SBI Yatra credit card is essentially a travel credit card, it is not just limited to travel savings. It also offers a wide range of opportunities to earn reward points on spends. Have a look-

⇒ 6 Reward Points on every ₹100 spent on Departmental Stores, Groceries, Dining, Movies, Entertainment, and International spends

⇒ 1 Reward Point on every ₹100 spent on all other categories.


The reward points earned in the manner mentioned above can be redeemed for Yatra vouchers. Also note that the conversion rate for which is-

1 Reward Point = 25 Paisa

Other benefits on this card:

⇒ Lounge Access- 2 complimentary domestic airport lounge access per calendar quarter.

⇒ Fuel Benefits- 1% Fuel Surcharge Waiver across all petrol pumps. The surcharge waiver is capped at ₹100 monthly, per card account. So the minimum transactions to avail the waiver is ₹500.

⇒ Air Accidental Cover- ₹50 Lakhs Air Accidental Cover for Primary cardholder when a ticket is booked on Yatra using SBI Yatra Credit Card

⇒ Anniversary Bonus- The annual membership fee can be reversed from the second year when the annual spends exceed ₹90,000.

Check Eligibility For The SBI Yatra Credit Card

Thus the SBI Yatra Credit Card is a great travel credit card. It is best suited for people who are bitten by the travel bug or are constantly on the move due to their work or family. Since the annual fee of the card is not too high and can be reversed, the maintenance of this credit card is also not too difficult on the pocket. Hence, for the adventurers and frequent travelers, make sure you make it your go-to card.

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