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By IndiaLends Advisory

Jan 15, 2018

How Do Credit Cards Actually Help You Save Money?

All of us are always looking for tips and tricks to save money. We try to save a hundred bucks here and an extra hundred there. We do this with the hope that all the small savings would add to make a big bag of savings. However, we forget that the best trick to save money lies right in our wallet- a credit card.

A credit card can help you maximize your savings in a lot of ways. Some of these credit card tips and tricks might not be well known, but experts have been taking advantage of them for years now.

What are the ways to save money with a credit card?

Ways to save money with a credit card depend upon the features of the card:

Some of the best credit cards you can find will give you a combination of all these features. On the other hand, some cards might give you select features to help you save more on particular spends. However, remember that these credit card tips can help you easily save a few thousand bucks.


How to save money with Credit Card Rewards?

When most people think of using a credit card to save money they concentrate on the offers and discounts. However, the reward points offered by credit card in fact go a long way.

Wondering how?

The reward points you collect can be used to pay for a lot of things:

And the best of all, if you don’t want to spend it on anything, you can easily get a cashback.

Don’t believe us?

Here’s what all you can do with the collected points of an American Express credit card.

24,000 points redemption options include:

18,000 points redemption options include:

What’s More?

The best rewards credit cards even offer you manifold reward points. You can get as much as 20X reward points with some cards. This way you can easily accumulate a huge number of points.

So, why wait! Get started on putting these expert tips to use today! Swipe your card as often as you can. And ensure that you take as much advantage of it as you can.