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Dec 10, 2018

Here’s How To Begin Christmas Festivities Early With Your Gang

Christmas is all about being helpful and gifting others. This year, IndiaLends is giving you a chance to become the Santa of your friends’ lives. And we have a reward for Santa too! You and your friends can earn up to ₹10,000 PayTM cash! Want to know how? Check this ‘Refer and Earn’ programme out-

IndiaLends Refer and Earn

Download the IndiaLends App and start referring

Reward systems can get confusing sometimes. We earn rewards but we do not know how are what to make of those reward points. To make the reward system of the IndiaLends’ Refer and Earn clear, here is how they work-

Product your friend takes Reward earned
Credit Report ₹25
Credit Card ₹1000
Personal Loan ₹1000
Maximum earnings every month: ₹10,000

So there you go, easy peasy way to earn ₹10,000 PayTM cash every month with IndiaLends’ Refer and Earn programme. You know what you can do with all that money? Travel with your friends during the Christmas holidays! Check out these amazing destinations to travel before the year ends, with your friends.


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