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Oct 23, 2018

How To Become A Smart Shopper This Sale Season?

The festive season is on! It is the time when all supermarkets and shopping centres are packed with sales. With almost everything going on sale, it has given the customer the power to choose and become a smart shopper. However, instead of buying products impulsively and burning a hole in your pocket, you can simply shop smartly and curb over-spending and remain within your budget.

That said, here are some tips and tricks that can help you save a lot of time AND money.

→ Set a budget

Although this an old trick, this is the first step you MUST take before you click that sale notification. You can segregate your budget into small and big expenses.

→ Compare prices before you make the final call

Never buy anything at the first go! A smart shopper will always compare prices before you make the final decision. Imagine the sadness you will experience if you find you could have bought the same shoes for a lesser price at a different website.

→ Save early

In India, the sale season is on during the festive time! From Big Billion Days to Great Indian Festival, almost everything on the website is on sale. Which is why you must save early so that you don’t have to worry about funds when you think of buying that favourite outfits! Alternatively, you can also get a small amount personal loan of up to ₹2 lacs to meet your shopping requirements. This will help you pay the amount in easy EMI’s and reduce the burden of saving a lot.

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→ Research sales ahead of time

Although the sale season is generally before the festive season starts, it is advisable to do an in-depth research way ahead of time. This will ease your shopping experience and help you save more in this sale season!

→ Invest in pieces that can be worn in different ways

Let’s say you want a pair of jeans and you also want a pair of leggings that go with all your outfits. Instead of buying a pair of jeans and leggings, you can invest in a pair of jeggings. This will not only save your money but help you smartly invest in pieces that can be worn in different ways.

→ Wait for the VIP Pass

When Myntra Sale was on, they insisted on getting a VIP sale to get access over the sale before everyone. Although there was a minute charge associated with it, people who shopped with the pass ended up saving more than who didn’t have one. It is recommended to get a VIP Pass from websites to get early access and not worry about the products going out of stock.

→ Wait! Have a bit patience

This could be a risky business. You can select your outfits and add it to your cart and then wait patiently. You can end up getting last-minute lightening deals and buy them at almost half the actual price.


→ Add it your card and then don’t buy!

Unless you are getting a superficial deal on the items selected, add the items to the cart and wait for 2-3 days. To clear the stock, websites generally give last-minute deals and you can end up saving more. In fact, there are times when the websites inform you about the secret discounts on the cart items!

→ Prefer Quality over Quantity

It is quite normal to buy a lot of items during the sale. However, never compromise on their quality since they can over the time be long lasting and save more.

→ Sign up for store emails

Subscribe to the newsletters of different stores and know all the deals and discounts given. Although going through all the emails can be frustrating, but it will be worth the effort when you get that personalised coupon code of 20% on items.

→ Find the partners of the respective websites

Generally, websites partner with certain banks and give out an extra discount on using the particular card. These are mostly available with credit cards and can help you get that extra 10% off or cashback on your purchases.

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→ Search for promo codes

Google is now the encyclopaedia for information. When you research about the sale, do an extensive research on the promo codes available online. This may not be visible on the website but can be a great way of saving that extra money of yours.

→ Showroom

The showroom process is to visit a store and check out the products. Then you compare the same products online and buy the cheaper version. Taking the time to check out the options would be worth the time and effort!

→ Check the Terms and Conditions

After shopping, what would you do if you want to return a defective product but the merchant does not allow it? This is why you should carefully check the terms and conditions. Shop from places where the return policy is not stringent.

→ Heads to Shop Early

When shopping offline, it is best is you head to the shop early to get early access to the products. Keep your vouchers and cards in handy to avoid any last-minute mistakes.

The festive season should be full of happiness and joy, and yes SALES! Make the most of it and enjoy without any financial burden.

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