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Feb 13, 2019

How To Use A Credit Card To Make Family Travel Less Expensive

Traveling with your family is the best way to bond with them. You understand their nitty-gritty, support each other through everything and eventually come out of the trip stronger than ever. But travel expenses can definitely take a toll on your budget. One way to deal with it is to break your expenses into smaller parts by getting a personal loan for travel. Another way to go about it is to take advantage of travel credit cards. Here is how a travel credit card can help you reduce your expenditure on travel.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Travel Credit Card-

⇒ Where do we want to travel? Is there a location-specific credit card for my chosen destination?

⇒ On which travel credit cards do we need to fulfill a minimum spend condition?

⇒ Which travel credit cards can help us earn more than 1 point in a certain expense category?

⇒ Which travel credit card can help us in scoring better or cooler experiences?

⇒ Which travel credit cards help us in saving more money overall?

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How To Reduce Your Travel Expense Smartly?

Take Advantage of Frequent Flyer Mile Promotions

Most airlines have an FFM promotion on them. They may or may not be specific to a certain credit card. All you have to do is identify the travel credit card that offers benefits on the frequent flyer miles programme for the most number of airlines. These programmes can help you earn free flights. The best advantage of this hack is that the more you travel, the more miles you earn and the more you travel in return.

Find Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses

Travel credit cards with sign up bonuses can be a boon when you are traveling with your family. Even if they come with minimum spending within a particular time frame condition, you are obviously going to meet it when you travel and use the credit card for the same. Hence, you can get the most of the sign-up bonus. Check for sign up rewards before you apply for a credit card.

Know How and When to Complain

No one likes a whiner. Hotel and airlines are no different. But everyone loves saying that they appreciate productive criticism. So if you know exactly how to complain and to whom, you can earn free flights and stays. Write an email to the concerned airline or hotel regarding a problem that you faced in a proper manner (without trying to demean them) and you might earn a complimentary meal, drink, stay or flight for your travel plans in the future with that airline or hotel.

Double up your rewards/bonuses

Utilize the fact that you are traveling with your family members at each step. Especially when it comes to travel credit card bonuses. Get two credit cards, on for you and the other for your spouse and easily get double rewards and double benefits on those credit cards. Bonus tip: if you have a baby with you, make it a point that the airline crew knows that. Who knows, your seat might just get upgraded?

So there you go, travel with your family without disrupting your budget. Happy traveling!

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