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Mar 23, 2018

What Is mAadhaar App And Why You Should Use It?

With Aadhaar gaining so much importance in our day to day lives, it is necessary to carry the unique identity card wherever you go. This is because you never know when Aadhaar card could be asked. Which is why the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), has launched Aadhaar-mobile app, popularly known as mAadhaar, for all the Android users.

The mAadhaar app lets you access all the Aadhaar information on your smartphone. This means the customers no longer need to carry their Aadhaar card physically.

Benefits of mAadhaar App

How to download mAadhaar app?

Step 1: Visit to download the app, mAadhaar.

Step 2: They will be sending you the terms of service. Click on “Ok” to continue.

Step 3: The app will redirect to the usage guidelines. Please read the guidelines carefully before you continue.

Step 4: Create a password for your account to keep it secure.

Step 5: Enter your Aadhaar number to create your profile. Once entered, click on “Next”.


Step 6: You will be sent a TOTP which can’t be manually entered. Therefore, ensure that the settings of your phone enable to fetch data automatically.

maadhaar app

Step 7: Enter the password you created in Step 4.

Step 8: You will see your Aadhaar details in the app.