How to Pay Off Your Personal Loan Faster?
By IndiaLends Advisory

Let’s consider a situation. You plan to renovate your home but a liquidity crunch is delaying your plans to do so. You do not want to delay the renovation anymore and decide to take a personal loan. After completing the required paperwork, you acquire the personal loan amount for a tenure period of four years. …

Reduce Monthly EMIs Using Personal Loan Balance Transfer
By IndiaLends Advisory

Sometimes, managing an existing personal loan can be difficult. Which is why you might end up searching for ways to reduce the outstanding debt.  One of the easiest ways to reduce the debt is by opting for a personal loan balance transfer. In simple terms,  a personal loan balance transfer means transferring your current personal …

Common Mistakes That Can Get Your Personal Loan Application Rejected
By IndiaLends Advisory

Imagine you are in your early 30s, with a decent salary and a stable job in a reputed MNC. You are expecting your first child. You suddenly realize that you need money to renovate your home to make space for welcoming a new member to the family. Since you had recently utilized a large portion …

Four And Half Ways to Improve Your Poor Credit Score
By IndiaLends Advisory

“Will financial institutions approve my personal loan application if I have a poor credit score?” – We often get calls on our helpline from loan seekers, all wanting an answer to this question. In most cases, they all have the same story. An urgent need for money, have never checked their credit score before applying, …