How To Use A Credit Card Smartly
By IndiaLends Advisory

A credit card is a useful way to pay for the things you require. It offers the convenience of making the purchases at the moment but making the payment at a later time. But like any other convenient thing in the world, credit cards also come up with positives and negatives. Follow our tips to …

Types Of Financial Transactions That Can Harm Your Credit Score or CIBIL Score
By IndiaLends Advisory

Simply put, Credit Score is a simple 3 digit number. The credit score helps banks and NBFCs determine the level of risk attached to lending money to a potential borrower. It is a known fact that people seeking loans or lines of credit need to maintain a high credit score. The range of credit score …

7 Factors You Didn’t Know Could Ruin Your Credit Score
By IndiaLends Advisory

Credit Score is a vital part of your financial life. It is dynamic and varies quite a lot depending upon the financial decisions you take. Some actions have a positive impact while some have a negative impact on the Credit Score. Sometimes, the steps you take for the betterment of the Credit Score might have …

Benefits of Getting a Medical Personal Loan over Health Insurance
By IndiaLends Advisory

With different products in the market, you tend to get confused about what to choose and which one will be more beneficial for you. Here, we will simplify the utility of medical personal loans and health insurance. This will help you assess, why it is better to get a medical personal loan over medical insurance. …