Here’s How To Begin Christmas Festivities Early With Your Gang
By IndiaLends Advisory

Christmas is all about being helpful and gifting others. This year, IndiaLends is giving you a chance to become the Santa of your friends’ lives. And we have a reward for Santa too! You and your friends can earn up to ₹10,000 PayTM cash! Want to know how? Check this ‘Refer and Earn’ programme out- …

Human Rights Day: 5 Rights Of A Loan Defaulter
By IndiaLends Advisory

When a lender approves a personal loan application, you have mutually entered an agreement and agreed to repay the loan amount with the interest cost in the stipulated time period. However, due to an unfortunate instance such as loss of job, medical emergency or others, you might end up defaulting the loan. Although, you should …

Banks vs NBFCs- Same or Different?
By IndiaLends Advisory

Do you remember how you used to shop until a few years ago? You’d have to take out time to go out, visit multiple shops and then decide where to buy your essentials keeping in mind the quality offered and the prices. What do you do now? You just tap on your phone, apply filters …

How to Save Money on Food?
By IndiaLends Advisory

“One cannot think well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” This is one of the most relatable quotes that defines how important food is in our life. According to the statistics, the restaurant industry is expected to contribute around 2.1% to the total GDP of India by 2021. That said, food is one of …