What Is The Impact of GST On A Personal Loan?
By IndiaLends Advisory

The One Nation, One Tax, One Market concept of GST has been one of the most remarkable reforms in the tax regime. The aim of simplifying tax structure has impacted every sector of the economy including banking and financial services. Earlier, the banking and financial sector was found in the slab of 15% service tax. …

7 Simple Steps To Recover Your Lost Aadhaar Card
By IndiaLends Advisory

Even though Aadhaar deadline has been deferred by the Supreme Court, the unique identity card is still important to avail subsidies and other benefits under social welfare schemes of the Govt. of India. What will you do when your Aadhaar card gets lost? With a few simple steps, you can retrieve your Aadhaar card. Steps To …

What Is mAadhaar App And Why You Should Use It?
By IndiaLends Advisory

With Aadhaar gaining so much importance in our day to day lives, it is necessary to carry the unique identity card wherever you go. This is because you never know when Aadhaar card could be asked. Which is why the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), has launched Aadhaar-mobile app, popularly known as mAadhaar, for …

5 Things On Your Credit Report That Might Scare The Lenders
By IndiaLends Advisory

Be it for a new credit card, or a loan you applied for, your chance of approval depends directly upon your credit score. A well-known fact is that lenders check your credit score when judging your credit application. However, it is not just the credit score that they would be limited. Certain things on your …