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Sep 04, 2018

How to Change/Update Photo in Your Aadhaar Card?

We all are embarrassed when it comes to showing our photo on any identity proof, especially Aadhaar. So, if you’re desperately searching for ways to change your photo, we are here to help you out!

Let’s first delve into why Aadhaar is important and where all is it used.

What are the uses of Aadhaar?

The meaning of Aadhaar in a word means ‘existence’ or ‘basis’. In fact, the concept was developed to introduce the Virtual ID system and to eliminate corruption.

The card has many important details about an individual such as the fingerprints, iris details, and other important information.

Let’s suppose a child of 5 years gets lost in a crowd of people. In order to find her personal details such as the address, the police officials need to just check their system through her fingerprints.   

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Where is Aadhaar Used?

It has now become an essential document and is used in almost every service. Some of the uses are:

→ It is the most commonly accepted form of identity proof. In fact, from healthcare services to availing government services, Aadhaar is now a popular identity document.  

→ Also, it is also used in MNREGA scheme for the workers to get their wages directly into their account.

→ In addition to the points shown above, it is mandatorily required in

        ⟹ SIM verification

        ⟹ Opening a bank account

        ⟹ Not to mention the opening of a demat account or for investment with a public financial institution.  

        ⟹ LPG gas connection

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How to Change Aadhaar Details Online?

Initially, the UIDAI allowed individuals to change their name, address and photo too. However, UIDAI now allows only the address to be updated online. This came into effect from October 2017, Thereafter, you can change/update details such as name, date of birth, mobile number and email address by visiting the UIDAI website.

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Ways to Change/Upload Your Aadhaar Photo

All in all, there are two ways to change/upload your photo on your card:

⟹ Application to the UIDAI Regional Office

⟹ Visiting the UIDAI Enrollment Centre

Method-1: Steps to Change/Upload your Photo via Application method

Step-1: Visit the UIDAI website and download the data update correction form.

Step-2: Fill in the required details.

Step-3: Along with the form, write a formal application addressing the Regional UIDAI office requesting them for a change in your photo.

Step-4: Attach an attested copy of your new photo, Aadhaar card and along with the application and the update form.

Step-5: Send the documents to at the following address:

UIDAI Regional Office

Khanija Bhavan,

No. 49, 3rd Floor,

South Wing Race Course Road,

Bangalore – 560 001

Step-6: You will receive your updated card within 15 days of submitting the request.

Method-2: Steps to Change/Upload your Photo via the Nearest Enrollment Centre

The government has set up many authorised Aadhaar centres to ensure smooth as well as easy access to the individuals. You can simply go to the UIDAI Enrollment centre and request for an updation in your card.

The officials will conduct your biometrics again and will charge a nominal fee. Again, the card will be dispatched in 15-20 days with your updated photo.

In either case, you can update/change your photo. Now that you know the ways to change/update your photograph on your Aadhaar card, we hope you will not have any more problem showing your card to your friends!


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