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By IndiaLends Advisory

Jun 08, 2018

Travelling with Kids: Things To Remember

Travelling with kids can overwhelm any parent with anticipation of how is it going to be. From what to pack and what not to forget, the decisions often get daunting. With the commence of summer holidays, you must be headed out for your vacation destination with your kids too. So here are certain things that, if kept in mind, before and on the trip can help you make the experience a happy story-

Overpacking is a BIG no:

You might be the person who packs a weeks’ clothes for a two day vacation because just in case, but this needs to change if you are travelling with kids, especially a baby because you might need to carry them around during the trip when they decide not to listen to no requests of walking/ staying in the crib.

Pre-book everything:

When you are travelling with kids, ensure that you book travel, stays for the destination, ticket to the museum you wish to show them, beforehand. Also, make sure you choose everything wisely. A lot of airlines have a facility for children friendly seats, some of them don’t confirm with your airlines if they have one as it can turn out to be very helpful. The hotel that you book for your vacation, try booking it close to the airport so even if the flight is not pleasant, you get proper rest after the commute. Also, make sure the hotel is not very difficult to reach and has direct access to transport. You can check the best travel cards to help save you some money too during the holidays.

Keep a track:

Toddlers can be very difficult to contain during a trip. They keep running hither thither and are very prone to forgetting where they started their run to reach that destination, and might get lost for many reasons. When you are travelling with kids, make sure you attach a handkerchief to your child’s outfit with the kid’s name, your name and number stitched onto it. Since this is also not fool proof, you can consider buying a GPS device to plant on them to stay prepared for the worst situation.

Know Your Destination:

Always remember to run a quick search of your vacation destination before you go out travelling with kids. What all is available there? Is the place prone to any diseases or mosquitoes or infection? How far is the supermarket (or any market if at all) from your place of stay? These details might seem very tiny now but they might cause a huge problem if not taken care of properly in the holidays.

Leave buffer time:

From the house to the airport. In between flights if you have connecting ones. Make sure you have enough room to deal with unexpected situations. This ensure that you do not end up missing something altogether due to having point to point plan for the holidays. You do not want to rush your children anywhere because they might not be able to deal with the stress. Also, if there is a long layover, make sure you carry something entertaining when travelling with kids, this summer.

Be prepared for the worst:

Kids are the most unpredictable beings in the holidays. You never know what they bring to you next. So expect them to be hurt while you were chilling on the beach or get bitten by an insect when you looked away for a second. Your best bet while travelling with kids this summer is to think of every possible situation that you can and be prepared for it.

Keep Calm:

This is the most important thing to remember when you are travelling with kids for holidays. It is of no use if you yell at a kid screaming in the plane. They will just start crying, even more loudly, most of the times. People around you might not understand your struggle but you being frustrated does not help the situation either.

So there you go, go plan the most amazing vacation for your little ones this summer. Also, if these vacations are taking a toll on your budget, you can also keep an open mind about a taking a personal loan when you go travelling with kids.


Until next time!